It’s pretty simple. Koupon Media gives you the power to create and distribute single-use mobile coupons and monitor your results in real-time, whether you’re a global brand, national chain, or unique local merchant. Give us a call or send us a note and we’ll get you set up on the Koupon Portal with your own coupon wizard and dashboard in less time than it takes to make a good spaghetti sauce.

Why choose Koupon Media?

Patented single-use technology.

Seven layers of fraud prevention mean that you can trust every Koupon.

Real-time reporting tools.

The path of each Koupon is validated digitally so you can get instant feedback on the currency of your campaign.




Your way works.

Your system requires no POS modifications to start accepting Koupons today. OR we can customize your Koupon Media program for tracking inside your own POS management system or for integration into your gift card and loyalty card programs.

Smart brands are doing it already.

Pepsi. Michaels. AND 7-Eleven. From the corner store to the global icon, more single-use Koupons are redeemed in more retail locations every day.

It’s easy to be fraud-free.

In terms of dollar value, 1 in 5 coupons are counterfeit. Choose Koupon Media and your offer is protected by our patented single-use technology. Avoid being among the legions stung by $750,000,000 in coupon fraud each year.

Coupon users are serious shoppers.

Coupon users report spending nearly twice as much at their last store visit, whether online or offline, than non-users did.

COMPETE July 2011

Mobile coupons are instant gratification.

With a majority of mobile consumers holding a smart phone, you can reach them where and when they are ready to buy. For one of our clients, it made for a redemption rate that was 5x higher than a traditional coupon (and a lot more fun).

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