Offer Management Manage your offers in one place.

Koupon provides the underlying technology to create and deliver mobile offers to customers. Our Platform handles the ins and outs of offers so you don’t have to.

Redemption Codes
Redemption Codes

40+ types of codes are supported to ensure that offers can be redeemed at any type of POS

Date Range
Date Range

Scheduling tools ensure offers are only displayed and redeemed on certain days and times.


Imagery, copy, instructions, and legal can be managed in real time.

Drive Immediate Sales

Optional timer functionality adds a sense of immediacy to offers and helps prevent fraud.

Reach Millions of Customers
Redemption Caps

Limits on the total number of offers redeemed help marketers throttle campaigns.

Achieve Campaign Goals

Unique barcodes and location validation alleviate fraud and security concerns.

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Offer Distribution Omni-Channel Delivery

Make Campaigns count by distributing offers across a broad set of channels and engagement points.


Display offers in iOS and Android apps in real-time using our Offer SDK.


Include highly relevant offers in marketing emails and newsletters.


Use our Offer Viewer tool to display offers on your site instantaneously.

Koupon Platform

Post offers, coupons, and promotions on social networks.

Digital Ads

Connect mobile offers to digital advertising campaigns.

SMS Text

Connect with One of Koupon’s SMS partners to send targeted offers directly to customers via text.

Offer Targeting The right offer delivered to the right customer at the right time.
Target A Growing MarketLocation Targeting

Koupon’s location targeting features let marketers deliver offers based on a shopper’s location using geo-fencing, geo-targeting and beacons.

Reach MillennialsAudience Targeting

Koupon helps marketers send highly relevant offers to shoppers based on behavior, demographics, and past offer redemption.

Maximize the Benefits of MobileCustom Targeting

With the Koupon Platform, retailers can target offers based on triggers from loyalty, POS, CRM or other systems.

Koupon Platform
Offer Analysis
Offer Analytics Know Your Shopper

Koupon’s reporting tools analyze offer performance by location, store, customer segment and more.

Offer PerformanceOffer Performance

Analyze the performance of offers over time by store, customer segment and offer type.

Customer ActivityCustomer Activity

Measure customer demographics, app usage, and offer interactions and use findings to create highly targeted offers.

Store TrafficStore Traffic

Understand when customers enter your store, how long they stay and whether they redeem offers.

Store Connect

Koupon Store Connect makes it easy to integrate mobile offers with point of sale technology.

LEARN MORE About Store Connect in our API Documentation

Gain Access to ContentFRAUD ELIMINATION

Remove fraud from the equation. Store Connect generates and verifies single use barcodes in real time, eliminating any concerns about invalid redemptions.


Forget about existing price book technology. With Store Connect, in-store offers are created in the Koupon platform and made available at stores in a matter of minutes.

Engage CustomersRICH DATA & INSIGHTS

Get smarter with campaigns. Store connect helps marketers track who is redeeming each offer and when, while also providing purchase analysis with campaigns.

Offer Network

Offer Network Access Brand Sponsored Promotions

The Koupon Offer Network connects retailers with CPG brands to deliver relevant offers through retailer channels.

Gain Access to ContentGain Access to Content

Koupon’s team works directly with CPGs to source exclusive brand-sponsored offers for products sold in store.

Grow Your BusinessGrow Your Business

Compelling offers delivered by Koupon drive store traffic and increase product sales by 12% on average.

Engage CustomersEngage Customers

Offers are the top reason customers download a retailer’s mobile app — incentivize customers to engage with your app or website.

Offer Network

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