Drive Immediate Sales Reach Millions Of Customers

Koupon Media has partnerships with industry leading retail stores throughout the US, giving CPG brands the audience they need to drive sales.

Reach Millions of Customers Achieve Campaign Goals

Whether its a particular location, retailer or demographic, Koupon’s platform can make sure offers reach the right customer at the right time.

Achieve Campaign Goals Drive Immediate Sales

The Koupon Offer Network can start delivering highly targeted offers to millions of customers across thousands of stores within minutes.

How It Works

  • Retailers Establish Channels

  • Brands Submit Offers

  • Retailers Display Offers

  • Customers Redeem

  • Koupon Monitors Performance

Boost Digital Advertisements

Koupon Redeemable Ad turns online impressions into store sales by connecting digital advertising campaigns to offers redeemable in the Koupon Offer Network.

Partner with top Retailers

Offers delivered using Koupon Redeemable Ad are accepted at more than 29,000 stores in the Koupon Offer Network.

Close the Loop

Koupon Media works with retailers to verify in-store redemption, helping marketers prove attribution and boost efficacy.

Strengthen Campaigns

Redeemable Ad campaigns experience double the average CTR of mobile ads and 14x redemption rate of traditional coupons.

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Reach a Targeted Audience

Koupon’s small format audience segment leverages proprietary data from past campaigns to help brands target customers who are most likely to engage with an offer and visit stores.


Koupon’s platform delivers small format offers to millions of customers each month. We use this data to build targeting models that help marketers reach customers most likely to redeem offers in small format stores.

Koupon Platform

Koupon’s Small Format Customer Segment can be used to place targeted media across leading platforms and networks including Facebook, Google, Twitter and through Koupon’s partnership with ShareThis and Rocketfuel

Unlock C-Store
Target A Growing MarketTarget A Growing Market

In-store convenience sales present a $200 billion opportunity. Offers distributed to Koupon’s network of c-stores result in true bottom line impact for brands.

Reach MillennialsReach Millennials

Convenience stores have emerged as a retail format that satisfies the Millennial generation’s priorities, leading the demographic to visit c-stores more than any other age group.

Maximize the Benefits of MobileMaximize the Benefits of Mobile

Today’s c-store customers are young, on-the-go and highly influenced by mobile promotions. Deliver offers to customers when they are in-store and ready to buy.

Proven Results In a recent study, Koupon-powered mobile offers were proven to grow product unit sales by 12%.

Unit sales lift during mobile campaign

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