Manage all of your mobile offers in one place.

Koupon provides the underlying technology to create and deliver mobile offers to customers. Our Platform handles the ins and outs of offers so you don’t have to.

Redemption Codes

Readable, barcode and QR codes make redemption easy.


Optional timer functionality adds a sense of immediacy to offers.

Date Range

Scheduling tools ensure offers are only displayed and redeemed on certain days and times.

Redemption Caps

Limits the total number of offers redeemed help marketers throttle campaigns.


Imagery, copy, instructions, and legal can be managed in real time.


Unique barcodes and location validation alleviate fraud and security concerns.



Location Aware Offers

Koupon’s location targeting features enable marketers to deliver
offers based on a shopper’s location.


Create geofences around stores or other target areas to trigger offers when customers are in a certain location


Learn the location patterns of customers and target offers based on a daily or weekly routine.


Install Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons to deliver relevant offers during a shopper’s in-store experience

Koupon Media Location Services


Offers delivered to the right customer at the right time.

Koupon helps marketers send highly relevant offers to shoppers based on behavior, demographics, and past offer redemption

Customer Segmentation

Analyze your customer base and target offers to specific personas or demographics.

App Usage

Deliver offers based on a customer’s interactions with a mobile app or website.

Loyalty & Gift Cards

Use external triggers to deliver offers when loyalty thresholds are met or gift cards are redeemed.

Offer Redemption

Create conditional offers based on a shopper’s offer viewing and redemption history.


Know your shopper

Koupon’s reporting tools analyze offer performance by location, store, customer segment, and more. Use offer redemption and location patterns to understand customer behavior, preferences, and loyalty.

Offer Redemption

Analyze the performance of offers over time by store, customer segment, and offer type.

Customer Behavior

Measure customer demographics, app usage, and offer interactions and use findings to create highly targeted offers.

Store Traffic

Understand when customers enter your store, how long they stay and whether they redeem offers.